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  • Geek Humor

    Use the force, Harry. — Gandalf. Yep, about sums it up. Spotted at Diesel, A Bookstore, in Oakland, CA.

  • Meditation for Commuters Podcast: Traffic

    I am Clover, that is my vision?name. My totem animal is the skink. This is my podcast for mindful driving, “Meditation for Commuters.” Episode One: Traffic. Take a few minutes of bliss to teach yourself how meditate while driving. Note: Please KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.

  • Apocalypse How

    A chat with Daily Show scribe Rob Kutner about his hilarious survival guide Apocalypse How: Turn the End-Times into the Best of Times! [audio:http://lumaville.com/podcast/DH-Pod-Kutner.mp3] Visit the official site.