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  • Under the Influencer: The Cost of ‘Free Beer’

    Under the Influencer: The Cost of ‘Free Beer’

    I’m not an “influencer.”  I’m not even a diminution of an influencer like a micro-influencer or nano-influencer, which apparently exists in the world of online celebrity.   To that end, my minuscule celebrity is somewhere on the spectrum between noteworthy and notorious, which means I can sometimes get names in local newspapers—including my own.  I mention […]

  • Friends, fans and followers: Social Media Marketing in Sonoma

    Sonoma is overrun with “social media marketers.” It’s a hazard of living in wine country, I suppose, since our namesake industry was one of the first to fully-embrace social media as a means of marketing to “friends,” “fans and “followers” alike. Before nonbelievers misconstrue social media marketing as some sort of digital pyramid scheme, perhaps […]