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  • Creative Thinking and Drinking and Why it Works

    I would like to buy a round of drinks for the researchers of a recent Consciousness and Cognition publication, Uncorking the muse: Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving. Though the cultural association between creativity and booze is long and storied, science had yet to make a formal connection, at least according to my research (which, […]

  • Quotes on Creativity: Our Pinboard of Creative Wisdom and Wisecracks on Pinterest

    Been building a Pinterest pinboard entitled Creative Wisdom and Wisecracks. It’s a repository of aphorisms, insights and observations about leading a creative life, which, thanks to creativity expert Tanner Christensen at CreativeSomething.net, now features the nine Rules of the Creator’s Life. To see more pins, click through to Pinterest. If you’d like to contribute, let’s […]

  • Writer’s Block? Take a Shower

    Feeling washed up? Creative energy in the tubes? Most creatives will occasionally experience feelings like these. In its extreme form, writers, prone to neurotic narcissism such as we are, call the symptoms ?writer’s block.? Fortunately, neuroscience has found a cure. Behold, the power of the shower. Writing Exercise: Give Your Prose the Hose Dave Eggers […]