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  • 5 eBook Apps that Amazon and Apple Will Fear

    How do you autograph an ebook? by Daedalus Howell Dec 29, 2011 – 03:40 PM Daedalus Howell   Given Amazon’s pre-Christmas blitz and Apple’s prowess with any object they care to precede with a lowercase ?i,? there’s a significant chance that you’re either reading this on a Kindle or an iPad. Dozens of e-reading devices […]

  • The Rise of the eBook

    Sure, 2011 saw a congressman inadvertently tweet his boner to the masses, Steve Jobs’ permanent departure from Apple, and Amazon’s overheated foray into the tablet market. The media and tech news of 2011 that will likely have the most enduring effect on our culture, however, is the rise of the e-book. The Association of American […]

  • iCloudius: Apple’s Man in the Sky

    When it rains it pours for Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The lauded gadget guru qua rainmaker came out of medical leave to formally introduce attendees of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference to a bevy of new products, among them the much anticipated announcement of the iCloud. Apple’s own spin on so-called cloud-computing, which, sans the […]

  • The Daily: Murdoch’s iPad Newspaper Can’t Wrap a Fish

    For a media magnate whose empire first began to bubble in vats of newspaper ink, one might think launching the first of its kind iPad-only newspaper app would not be in their best interests. Unless, of course, the magnate is Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. whose vats runneth over ? and now with ones and […]

  • iPad App Takes Comic’s Content Over Medium

    Sad Comics droll addition to iTunes’ burgeoning (comic) book store Somehow, someone in every generation claims to have had the inaugural issue of ? insert comic book title here ? stowed in the attic, garage or under the bed only to discover that their mothers had disposed of it with the one-eyed teddy bear and […]

  • Sonoma or Busk

    Stroll the streets of Sonoma and one can hear many sounds – the hustle and bustle of traffic, café chatter and caterwauling kids in the Plaza. But no tunes. Not a single note of live, outdoor music to warm one’s wintry ears. Besides the occasional appearance of Arias Beardsely and his infernal fiddle, which haunt […]