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  • A Girl, a Gun and an iPhone: All You Need to Make a Movie

    A Girl, a Gun and an iPhone: All You Need to Make a Movie

    Summer movie season is upon us. Well, it’s technically been here since May because, like climate change, Hollywood can adjust the seasons seemingly at will. At your local cinemas, iron-clad playboys flex computer-enhanced muscles whilst spaceships go where no man has gone before – again. It’s a dizzying display of predictable imagineering, so pixel-perfect that […]

  • iCloudius: Apple’s Man in the Sky

    When it rains it pours for Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The lauded gadget guru qua rainmaker came out of medical leave to formally introduce attendees of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference to a bevy of new products, among them the much anticipated announcement of the iCloud. Apple’s own spin on so-called cloud-computing, which, sans the […]

  • The Late Projectionist on Kindle

    ??A torrid tale of angst set in a surreal little town a bit like Petaluma.? That’s how the rather breathless review of my novel, The Late Projectionist, opened in the Bohemian a decade ago this month. The novel itself opened more abstractly: “Clamor, racket, fracas, din…” and now, thanks to Amazon’s digital Kindle platform and […]

  • This column is brought to you by…

    Meanwhile, in Hollywood, your intrepid reporter slung his Timbuk2 “blogger bag” over his shoulder, and dashed from the Virgin America terminal to a random rental car shuttle. And since he hadn’t the foresight to book a car prior to departing Sonoma, he booked it via his iPhone while en route. Mysteriously, at no point did […]

  • Don’t Call Us

    Imagine if Grace Kelley slid her pinky over her iPhone screen instead of answering the landline tethered to her would-be assassination in Dial M for Murder; or if E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, used his rollover minutes instead of hotwiring a Speak ?N? Spell to phone home. Contemporary communication tools have made us reachable 24/7, consequently, screenwriters […]