Tag: James Zaremba

  • The Lair of the White Worm Car & Arguing with Jimmy Schow

    I’ve had snakes on the brain. While researching this year’s St. Patty’s-themed column, everything I read was trying to convince me that St. Patrick single-handedly drove the snakes from Ireland. He didn’t. Patrick drove out paganism, which scholars say the snakes symbolized. Since there aren’t any pagans or snakes in Ireland, it looks good for […]

  • Say it and Spray It: Graffiti & Marketing

    In a consultation recently, a client enquired about the efficacy of ‘street stencils? as part of a branded entertainment campaign. I took this to mean ‘spray-painting the URL to their online video all over town to get their target demo to watch it.? Yes, I replied, this could be effective ? if the target demo […]