Sonoma is Bigger than Jesus

It was 46 years ago today (or August 11, actually) that John Lennon taught the band to blaspheme – at least in a manner of speaking. The outspoken Beatle courted controversy when he opined to a British journalist that The Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.” The quote, divorced from its context, resulted in the Fab Four’s first major PR fiasco. It’s also a useful benchmark when assessing the popularity of the Son of God. Besides, it’s sort of fun drawing those little “greater than” and “less than” symbols that look like alligator profiles (hey, I went to public school, so that’s what I have to work with, alright?).

In honor of Lennon and the fine folks in my favorite spot of wine country – I’m going to say it: Sonoma is bigger than Jesus. Now, before you go and light your torches and storm the paper, like some peasant posse fresh from ye olde witch burn, take a minute and think about it. Take two minutes – it’s a big thought. Okay, now light your torches. Because Sonoma is bigger than Jesus. Continue reading “Sonoma is Bigger than Jesus”

Your Own Personal Eco-Jesus

According to environmental advocacy group Conservation International, every 20 minutes sees another earthly species shuffles off its mortal coile into extinction. The organization’s Web site even has a spiffy countdown clock indicating when another species of animal has made a permanent transition to the fossil record. At present (post-New Year’s Eve) writing, I’m unable to do the math in my head, but I’ll hazard that 2008 saw the departure of, like, a lot of endangered flora and fauna. As harrowing as such realizations may be, the pop-cultural blowback is similarly upsetting. Consider the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” in which Keanu Reeves is sent to Earth as an eco-Jesus with orders to terminate the carbon-emitting blight known as humanity, but instead decides to redeem us because Jennifer Connelly has a great pair of eyebrows. At least, that’s what I’m assuming – I had lost faith by the third act, when laser sight-scopes projected stigmata onto Reeves’ palms. “Klaatu barada nikto.” Translation: “Forgive Hollywood, they know not what they do.” Continue reading “Your Own Personal Eco-Jesus”