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  • 5 eBook Apps that Amazon and Apple Will Fear

    How do you autograph an ebook? by Daedalus Howell Dec 29, 2011 – 03:40 PM Daedalus Howell   Given Amazon’s pre-Christmas blitz and Apple’s prowess with any object they care to precede with a lowercase ?i,? there’s a significant chance that you’re either reading this on a Kindle or an iPad. Dozens of e-reading devices […]

  • The Rise of the eBook

    Sure, 2011 saw a congressman inadvertently tweet his boner to the masses, Steve Jobs’ permanent departure from Apple, and Amazon’s overheated foray into the tablet market. The media and tech news of 2011 that will likely have the most enduring effect on our culture, however, is the rise of the e-book. The Association of American […]

  • Kindle Fire is Aflame

    Nearly 60 years ago, sci-fi scribe Ray Bradbury put the “lit” in literature when he opened his dystopian exploration of censorship?Fahrenheit 451?with the memorable line “It was a pleasure to burn.” In the classic fable of a world without books, “firemen” of the future pump kerosene onto pulp, thus keeping dangerous ideas from impressionable minds. […]