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  • Did Shakespeare Smoke Weed?

    Did Shakespeare Smoke Weed?

    April 23rd marks William Shakespeare’s 423rd bday. For the sake of this chat, however, let’s just say it’s his 4-20th birthday. Because the question of the day is “Did Shakespeare smoke weed?” Doobie, or not doobie? That is the question asked by anthropologist Francis Thackeray.

  • The Origin of 420

    It’s April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, which has become something of a high holy holiday for smokers of pot and their advocates (yea, pot smokers!).  I got curious about the origin of the term “420” as regards marijuana and found this delightful account on Wikipedia (where else?), with a half dozen citations to attest…

  • Green Springs Eternal

    Despite the plummet in the value of its residential real estate (thanks Sonoma County Assessor’s Office!), the Springs seems in the midst of an economic renaissance. At least that’s what my bank statement tells me as it seems there are plenty of new places to alleviate oneself of those crinkled, sage-hued papers cluttering one’s pocketbook.…

  • Gang a Bong: Tommy Chong

    In 2003 comedian Tommy Chong, long-associated with the comedy duo Cheech and Chong, was arrested for ?conspiracy to manufacture and distribute drug paraphernalia? as part of a nationwide sting dubbed ?Operation Pipe Dreams.? Chong, who had been marketing personally-branded bongs, was the only defendant (out of the 55 defendants involved with the case) without a…