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  • Letter Frequency Learned by Typing with a Sliver

    Fast Company blogger Emily Heyward suggests forgoing business books and indulging some fiction.

  • When Marketing Turns Evil

    I have an evil streak in me – a certain low-grade sociopathy that emerges in my personality whenever notions involving “marketing” cross my consciousness. As a teenage telemarketer, I was exposed to the dark arts of the hard-sell and as with any gateway drug, I quickly progressed through a series of marketing-related experiences that I’ve […]

  • Say it and Spray It: Graffiti & Marketing

    In a consultation recently, a client enquired about the efficacy of ‘street stencils? as part of a branded entertainment campaign. I took this to mean ‘spray-painting the URL to their online video all over town to get their target demo to watch it.? Yes, I replied, this could be effective ? if the target demo […]

  • Word of Mouth

    When one plays on my side of the media game, one ends up on a lot of e-mail lists. Inasmuch as I’m often surprised to which lists my address has been sold, I’m sure the purchasers of my address are just as often surprised that I receive their cloying missives – who would surely rather I […]