Synesthesia, Now in Technicolor

I spotted a peculiar mental exercise pinned to the wall of pediatric doctor’s office today. It was apparently devised to a create a left-brain, right-brain conflict when one says the name of a color, rather than the word in which said color is applied. Since the left-brain processes language and the right color, some order…

Creative & How-To's

Monty Python’s John Cleese on Creativity

Kudos to Gizmodo AU’s Logan Booker for unearthing and re-posting this archival gem featuring Monty Python’s John Cleese sharing his insights on creativity. Per Booker’s post: I’m having trouble dating this video (though the consensus is 1991), but I can tell you it’s from Video Arts, a UK e-learning company founded in 1972 by John…

Media & Tech

The First Email Spam to Open a Can of…You Know

Here’s the lowdown on the origin of email spam: For reasons lost to history, the pork-based product called ?SPAM? was not included on the U.K.’s list of rationed foods during and after World War Two. Consequently, the relative abundance of the preserved meat soon bored the isle’s collective palate, which will seem ironic to anyone…