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  • Mother’s Day: Only Once a Year?

    After giving birth to the world’s population, one might think mothers would rate more than a single day to celebrate to their contribution to humanity. But, being the planet of spoiled children we are, we allot just the one day. And it’s a Sunday at that. In the US alone there are more than 85 […]

  • Happy Moloch’s Day: The Mother of All Holidays

    When activist Anna Jarvis originally conceived of Mothers’ Day, it was intended as an intimate, perhaps even somber event, during which children can acknowledge the myriad sacrifices endured by the women who birthed and raised them. By 1914, her campaigning led to President Woodrow Wilson’s signature on a bill establishing Mother’s Day as the second […]

  • Mum

    I had prepared my answer. I had practiced it in the mirror between applications of lip gloss. I knew when she asked exactly how I would respond: “Yes, yes, damn it. End of story.” And it would be a lie. We did Mother’s Day because Mom claimed to have forgotten her birthday (at the behest […]