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  • Weinstein Company onboard space conspiracy flick, Apollo 18

    With NASA about to scuttle the shuttle, Richard Branson’s plans to shoot the moon with tourists and SpaceX having its own venture-capitalized space race, the final frontier clearly still captures the American imagination ??but will it capture ticket sales? The Weinstein Company seems to thinks so, at least that’s what one might infer from their […]

  • Dial M for Movie: Will iPhone change how we make movies?

    Zealous geeks have their own version of the Rapture and Armageddon, neither of which is terribly apocalyptic unless, you know, one needs to reboot HAL or something. If this were an SAT-style analogy, it would go something like “Armageddon is to the Singularity as the Rapture is to ______.” The correct answer? (a) Convergence; (b) […]

  • An Animated John Lennon Interview with a 14 Year-Old

    An Animated John Lennon Interview with a 14 Year-Old

    In my early teens, I received John Lennon’s Skywriting By Word of Mouth, a posthumously published anthology of poems, stories, riffs and drawings that continued the ear- and eye-candy Dada established in Spaniard in the Works and tunes like I Am The Walrus. The book had all of the anarchy, but none of the angst, […]

  • Screening Room of the Damned

    The studio had sunk what amounted to the Christmas bonus of its below-the-line staff into the picture – a picture that consisted only of found-footage of a slaughterhouse cut with a Suicide Girl twisting the knobs of an Etch-A-Sketch with her toes. This played against a soundtrack comprised of a wheezy human beat box interpolated […]