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  • Sunset Magazine Forgets Napa, Sonoma Wine Country – Beer to Blame

    Most periodicals, whether they’re online or in print, annually produce what’s called an “editorial calendar.” This isn’t for the benefit of those who produce the editorial content of a given newspaper, magazine or blog so much as it’s a reference for prospective advertisers and their marketing notions. Holiday gift guides come to mind as a […]

  • Napa World’s Top Food and Wine Destination – WTF?

    My e-mail inbox is a magnet for publicity spam, particularly those breathless missives regarding the “Wine Country experience.” How can I tell the difference between spam and a press release in the nanosecond before I delete it? If it’s about Napa, it’s spam. Seeing as my beat is decidedly Sonoman, I haven’t the time or […]

  • Hunter III Wines: Cabernet is King… And I’m the Fool

    This is the first of a series of videos made in collaboration with Original Matters Media for Hunter III Wines. Fine time (finer wines). Kudos to director pal Raymond Scott Daigle for keeping Robert Hunter and I on task (we were having far too much fun).

  • Point, click, sip

    Whodda thunk that Napa Valley would be early adopters? According to Terry Hall, head flak at the Napa Valley Vintners, online uber-store Amazon.com will start selling Napa wines as well as those from an additional 25 states as early as the end of September (thus spake the Wall Street Journal). I’m all for mixing a […]