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  • Blogs vs Newspapers: Both have already lost.

    Like many writers, I’m occasionally concerned with the reach of my work. Since this column also lives online at the newspaper’s website (and is often sliced and diced by my own hand into other online enclaves as well), it naturally has a potential reach that transcends Sonoma County. Though I ‘ve invested much of myself […]

  • How to Make a Newspaper

    http://www.facebook.com/v/10150104714212552 From 1937’s Trees to Tribunes. Gotta love the juxtaposition of newspaper hacks and trees being felled ? this could be the moment the term was “hack” originated. Kudos are due to the composer for such a rousing score. It’s my new ringtone for my editors.

  • From headlines to breadlines: Old media is toast

    Back when I was in J-School in the mid-90s, or more specifically, studying creative writing at San Francisco State University, my classmates and I knew nothing of the then-nascent Internet and the havoc it would eventually wreak on a bevy of industries. We knew nothing because A) We had the misfortune of studying at SF […]

  • East Bay Express Saves Newspapers

    Kudos to the East Bay Express for investing what appears to be at least a few hours of precious staff time to find a credible model for saving the newspaper industry. As newspapers continue to fold (into oblivion, not pirate hats) some fear the fate of legit journalism hangs in the balance. Yet no one […]

  • New Column

    Everything news is old again in the Sonoma media scene, which is to say, I’m again writing for the Sonoma Index-Tribune. My new column began today in the 130-year-old institution after a bit of hoopla on the front cover (courtesy of editor David Bolling) featuring friend and colleague James Marshall Berry and myself as the […]