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  • Coffee Art: The Oscar for Best Barista

    If coffee art had its own category in Academy Awards, “Coffee Artist of the Stars” Michael Breach (@baristart) would certainly rank a nomination if not sweep – especially this year for his coffee art creations for the Best Picture nominees. Via @illy_coffee

  • Oscar’s All a’Twitter

    Come February of every year, scads of entertainment journalists engage in a ritual peculiar to their beat. They apply for press credentials to cover the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ annual Academy Awards. An awards ceremony for motion pictures presented on television epitomizes traditional media. If the gold statuette was wrapped in newspaper…

  • Sonoma’s Oscar Awards

    Roll out the red carpet, get on your designer duds and pause, pivot and pose for the paparazzi – Oscar is back. As in years past, preceding the big to-do on Sunday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences separately celebrated scientific and technical achievements in the film industry with its so-called Sci-Tech awards.…