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  • Poet Michael Giotis Shares New Collection ‘Daybreak’

    Poet Michael Giotis Shares New Collection ‘Daybreak’

    Petaluma, CA-based poet Michael Giotis will read selections of his upcoming poetry collection, Daybreak, a collection of 40 poems that represent a snapshot of the author wrestling with existential quandaries and the vagaries of love in the postmodern era. Daybreak will be released on August 24, 2019, by Petaluma-based FMRL (a sister site of Icarian […]

  • Pathetic Phallus, See (or is it Fallacy?)

    Here’s what it really means, per Wikipedia: The Pathetic fallacy ascribes human, emotional qualities (feelings, thought, sensation) to inanimate objects, as if possessed of human awareness. And, yes, I agree that this is a long way to go for a dick joke.