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  • Andy Warhol and Playmobil Pop Art

    Is it just me, or does my kid’s Playmobil dude look like Andy Warhol? I added the aluminum foil to his Superstar photo shoot to emulate the fabled Factory, Warhol’s erstwhile NYC-based studio. It looks convincing to me, however, this perception might also mean it’s time to hang out with more adults (remember when we […]

  • Pop Art Moment: Icarus

    While the Contessa and our friend Petra are busy assailing the staff of Room&Board with questions about the availability of mocha-hued microfiber on the “Jasper” sofa and chaise combo, I’m having my own Roam&Bored moment turning iPhone snaps in pop art. Behold “Icarus No. 2,” so named for the labyrinth motif upon which the red-bellied […]