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  • I have the need — the need for mead! Not.

    I have the need — the need for mead! Not.

    As a media gadfly, I’m on every kind of PR list imaginable. Whereas I once resented receiving publicity spam, particularly if it was off my beat but now, given the absurdity of our culture, everything seems off-beat. I welcome it. I’m almost entertained, if not by the subject of the pitches themselves then the extra […]

  • How to Pitch a Movie or PR Spam to My Inbox

    My inbox runneth over. I am the daily recipient of so much email that pure mathematics cannot adequately describe it with numbers. In the time it takes you say ?googolplex,? my email would have already quintupled. What’s amazing is that not all of it is spam, at least in the traditional sense (male enhancement pills […]

  • National self-conscious month

    Mocktober: Darling Readers, welcome to October – the tenth, formally eighth, month of the year. This fine fall month got knocked down a couple pegs when January and February were introduced by Pope Gregory XIII to account for winter, which was theretofore monthless in the original Roman calendar. Not only was the season an endless […]

  • A Room with a Bilge

    The mortgage crisis be damned. I just received a press release that offered ?a taste of the many real estate options available to you, the multiple-home owner.? The editor of LuxuryLife newsletter is pimping The World, a 12 deck ship replete with 165 private residence options, seven restaurants, a spa, golf (using biodegradable golf balls […]