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  • Daedalus vs. FutureBot | Yonkoma & Fumetti Experiment

    Screenwriting guru Sid Field is known for his autocratic adherence to the proverbial three-act structure but few beyond manga artists employ the even more demanding 4-cell Yonkoma structure for visually-driven narrative. Like many Japanese art forms (like, um, haiku and, er, sushi), Yonkoma puts an emphasis on economy. Behold, the four basic concepts (liberally adapted […]

  • How to Monetize Music: The Dome Experiment

    Late in Fortune’s Fool, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Warner Music, and an Industry in Crisis, author Fred Goodman details the plight of songwriter and producer Pete Waterman, Brit crooner Rick Astley’s collaborator on the now-infamous 1987 hit ?Never Gonna Give You Up.? The tune is the punchline to the long-running gag of ?Rickrolling? (to the un-rolled, […]