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  • Gaming the Story | Insights from The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose

    A ringing cake. Sure, it reads like a lost lyric from ?MacArthur Park? but it’s actually a key moment in the history of media, marketing and perhaps even marzipan. As recounted by Wired Magazine contributing editor Frank Rose in his recently released tome, The Art of Immersion ? How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, […]

  • Deux Ex Machinima

    Future film historians might look back on the past decade and pinpoint it either as the beginning of the medium’s demise or its evolution into something vital, egalitarian and ubiquitous. Of course, the very notion of “film” is already antiquated, seeing as the vast majority of moving pictures are now created digitally (even the term […]

  • Magic 8 Ball Sees its Future in Film

    Toy Stories In the early days of the web, circa 1997, there was a plethora of Magic 8 Ball applications online that enabled users to make queries about the future without risking a repetitive motion injury from shaking the real deal. Among them was Marin-raised Jake Donham’s incarnation, which received a “cease and desist” notice […]