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  • How to Name Your Movie: The Lawless Land of Movie Titles

    The titles of films often result from hours of deliberation in which highly-paid professionals toil in studio marketing departments. After pulling a name from the magic marketing hat, they attempt to gauge the appeal, potential brand equity and even longevity of title before christening a multimillion dollar proposition with it. In the world of independent […]

  • I declare myself Sonoma Valley Film Commissioner

    Pray tell, is it “campaign” or “champagne” season? I always get those two confused, seeing as corks tend to pop around voting booths, at least when I’m around. You see, I’m a political demigod – I learned long ago that true power, like crap, is taken not given.  Or, at least that’s how I imagine […]

  • The Aviary Soars to the Silver Screen

    The Aviary, the only film about flight attendants penned by an actual flight attendant, premieres at 8 p.m., THIS Friday, July 22 at the Lark Theater in Larkspur. The feature film was produced and written by Sonoma County native Silver Tree, a flight attendant on a major US carrier the past five years — and, […]

  • Of Love and Layovers

    The Aviary, the recently released feature film lovingly crafted by my pals Silver Tree and Abe Levy (writer and director respectively) is proving to be the “little plane that could.” Inspired by Silver’s experience as a flight attendant, the duo has created a romantic comedy that both takes wing and remains grounded in what truly […]