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  • Direct to the Free Wine at the Direct to Consumer Symposium

    Conferences and conventions are a superb way to pretend one is working when one is actually not. I’m not sure what actually occurs at conferences apart from the formation of ad hoc drinking clubs and complaints about crappy wi-fi. Certainly some business is getting done, that is if business is charting an up-tick in one’s […]

  • Sonoma Surveillance

    One advantage of living in the Age of Information is that even Joe Sonoma has access to the kind of spy-fi gadgetry that would have made early incarnations of James Bond feel woefully inadequate. Add to the fact that we live in an incredibly small town where one is as apt to spill as much […]

  • Social Media Snarketing

    There was a time when “social media” described newspaper folk rubbing elbows. But like the word “thong,” the term has come to mean something else entirely in our new millennium. Speaking as an accredited member of the media, I can say I approve of the reassignment of both terms. With “Web 2.0” came a deluge […]