How to Be a Wine Blogger (and get free wine)

Free Wine but at what price?A couple weeks ago, the annual Wine Blogger Conference wrapped its fifth year, presumably in a puddle of plonk and pixels. According to their official release, there was a “dip in attendance” from previous years, which organizers attributed to the conference’s location – Penticton, Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Which is to say, nowhere. At least not anywhere known for its bustling wine scene. Hockey – sure, but to a native Northern Californian wino like me, unless I can use the puck as a coaster for my Riedel glassware, it’s useless.
Aspiring wine bloggers have a year to revive their moribund WordPress account and get to some online whining before the conference reconstitutes in Santa Barbara in 2014. You will remember that SB is our sister wine country to the south, which is still basking in the afterglow of that pinot-pushing sleeper hit “Sideways” – hence the “As seen in ‘Sideways’” signage along Foxen Canyon Road in Santa Ynez.

If you missed the great wine blogger rush of ‘07 and have a yen to sip and tell about it (like everyone else within a 100-mile radius of The Sonoma Index-Tribune), here is some historical context to help guide the release of your inner Alder Yarrow (yeah, he’s a wine blogger).