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  • Sonoma Intl Film Fest Survival Guide

    If you are a filmmaker and you’re attending the Sonoma International Film Festival, you are in mortal danger. The extent to which one might enjoy oneself can reach a level of lethality unparalleled on the festival circuit. Oh, and congratulations. Filmmakers of a certain disposition are advised to write a last will and testament prior […]

  • Lights, Camera…Cliche!

    For about a decade, it’s been my professional privilege to write something pithy about the Sonoma International Film Festival, in all its various incarnations, for any of a number of affiliations. Google my name and “film festival” and one will find enough published pixels to cobble together a couple of digital flicks with some to […]

  • Static People provides soundtrack for Sonoma International Film Festival

    Sonoma band plays filmmakers? bash at Sonoma’s Little Switzerland SONOMA, CA (April 7, 2010) Sonoma Valley’s most secretive music endeavor, Static People will provide a living soundtrack to the Sonoma International Film Festival’s Filmmaker’s Bash, Saturday, April 17 at Little Switzerland in the rustic El Verano area of Sonoma County. Static People, comprised of vocalist […]

  • They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway

    I’m happy to report that I’ve officially hung my wee shingle on the media industrial complex having moved into new offices on Broadway this past week. Here, among other enterprises, I produce a range of media and entertainments, including the very words that comprise this column. Now, if anyone inquires about my whereabouts, you may […]

  • Hollywood and Vines

    Though I had moved to Hollywood from the Bay Area in the early part of this century I remained a stringer for the San Francisco Chronicle (the ink in my veins apparently outshone the stars in my eyes). My contributions amounted to a handful of celebrity interviews (I specialized in what we called “Blisters,” a […]

  • Film Fest Day One: Kitchen Synchronicity

    I’m not one for omens, signs or symbols, particularly when they fall outside the realm of my creative work (the early, sad voyages of which were often across a veritable sea of Joseph Campbell soup). I ‘ve noticed in waking life that foreshadowing only works in retrospect, but occasionally, when I’m not paying attention, a […]