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  • Sunset Magazine Forgets Napa, Sonoma Wine Country – Beer to Blame

    Most periodicals, whether they’re online or in print, annually produce what’s called an “editorial calendar.” This isn’t for the benefit of those who produce the editorial content of a given newspaper, magazine or blog so much as it’s a reference for prospective advertisers and their marketing notions. Holiday gift guides come to mind as a […]

  • Sonoma County Lifestyle Ambassador

    Name: Daedalus Howell Title: Lifestyle Ambassador Mission: Enlighten those outside Sonoma as to what’s Inside Sonoma, America’s premiere Wine, Spa and Coastal Destination. And occasionally wear a sash. Presented by the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, media personality and wine country bon vivant Daedaluls Howell deconstructs the traditional travelogue as he tours viewers through his native […]

  • When Documentaries Attack

    I recently borrowed producer David L. Wolper’s autobiography, “Producer,” from our local library (a tremendous resource for micro-moguls stretching their research budgets). In it, the award-winning producer of “Roots” and “Willy Wonka,” among other cultural touchstones, details how his production company essentially invented the “dramatic re-enactment” in their television documentaries of the 1950s. It’s interesting […]

  • Sonoma Valley, Inc.

    Battle of the Brands: An article published in the county’s daily metro a few weeks ago spoke to the notion of Sonoma “the brand” and what the name of our town has come to mean to the world-at-large (wine, epicuria, good green fun). The article also explores why the Sonoma name has been plastered on […]