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  • Nose to the Wheel

    When cold and flu season hits wine country, the perceptual powers of aficionados–especially those that require a nose–are rendered useless; indeed, those like myself rely on a sort of gustatory synesthesia to free-associate an impression of a wine based on its bouquet, taste, mouth-feel and color. Without olfactory capabilities, and further addled by Theraflu, the […]

  • Monte Rosso Vineyards

    Sure, it has titular echoes of any of a number of shabby sci-fi flicks, but Senate Bill 1380 heralds something of a marketing coup for Sonoma County wine. In an effort to pump up the brand muscle of area wines, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sept. 28 approved the alpha-numerically-known bill (apparently sans pithy nickname), which […]

  • Pour Guy

    Bartender Danny Donaldson knows the velocity of vodka and the g-force of gin. The popular staffer at the Lodge at Sonoma’s Carneros Bistro is a practitioner of ?flairing,? an acrobatic admixture of equal parts bartending and, well, Cirque du Soleil. Bottles soar above Donaldson’s head, twirl behind his back and land ? usually ? in […]