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  • How to Pitch a Movie or PR Spam to My Inbox

    My inbox runneth over. I am the daily recipient of so much email that pure mathematics cannot adequately describe it with numbers. In the time it takes you say ?googolplex,? my email would have already quintupled. What’s amazing is that not all of it is spam, at least in the traditional sense (male enhancement pills […]

  • To Xfinity and Beyond: The Brand Name Game

    Xfinity, the result of Comcast’s multimillion dollar rebranding effort, has raised eyebrows among critics since its unveiling in February, surely in part because the new name reads as if the cable and internet behemoth is now peddling “infinite porn.” Though this may help the ratings of its recent acquisition of a post-Conan NBC, it also […]

  • The First Email Spam to Open a Can of…You Know

    Here’s the lowdown on the origin of email spam: For reasons lost to history, the pork-based product called ?SPAM? was not included on the U.K.’s list of rationed foods during and after World War Two. Consequently, the relative abundance of the preserved meat soon bored the isle’s collective palate, which will seem ironic to anyone […]