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  • Is Starbucks? Adoption of Square a Conflict of Interest for Jack Dorsey?

    “This fall, Square will begin processing all credit and debit card transactions at Starbucks stores in the United States,? reports the New York Times, referring to the small mobile payments device that allows credit cards to be swiped by smartphones and tablets. Now, coffee behemoth Starbucks will help kill off cash registers (and perhaps cash) […]

  • Starbucks Digital Network froths Content at the Cafe

    Remember when cafes were limned with disheveled books and the scattered innards of newspapers, all free-for-the-taking? Cafes have long been a haven for browsers of both of the literary and digital sort, which has not been lost on Starbucks. Now you can get your media and caffeine fix at the same time, thanks to the […]

  • Air Conditioning = Consumer Conditioning

    Neither my office nor my home presently has air conditioning Though, I’m avidly working to fix this, I’m presently forced to hide from the stifling heat and humidity of Sonoma’s summer wherever I can. Lately, this has been in the strange, outer reaches of my usual cultural experience ? namely, big box stores and the […]