2013 TED Talks Quits Its Jabbering

In Long Beach today, the west coast edition of the biennial TED Conference finally wraps. The much-lauded and loved chat fest features the world’s most brilliant minds and makers presenting 18-minute oral odysseys under the motto “Ideas worth spreading.” Since this is the last day and my phone has yet to ring, I’m assuming they won’t need me as a last-minute replacement speaker. As usual. So, yes, waiter, I’ll have that third pint and raise a toast to TED for somehow being twee, smug, precious and profound all at once. Without my help.

Perhaps I didn’t fit this year’s theme, “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered,” seeing as I only represent the last bit. I scoured the TED website looking for another slogan to fail at and found “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” Scored two strikes and a walk on that one. I got “free.” Loads of “free.” And as long as people keep refusing to pay me, I’ll keep making it. With enough hard work, I might even get to “cheap.” Continue reading “2013 TED Talks Quits Its Jabbering”