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  • The Top Ten Top Ten Lists You’ve Never Heard Of

    Finally a list of the Top 10 Top 10 Lists… That you’ve never heard of.

  • The Top Ten Top Ten Lists You ‘ve Never Heard Of

    About this time of year, most editorial calendars feature an annual ?top ten? list. This achieves a couple of goals: Thanks to frequent use of numbers, bullets, line breaks and sundry other non-lexeme typographical devices, lists tend to eat up column inches without burdening the writer with too much writing. Also, lists are like crack […]

  • Top 10 Dystopian 70s Movies

    Predictably, much of the 1970s were spent processing the cultural hangover from the decade that preceded them. The social idealism of the ?60s, from the Civil Rights Movement to free love, were countered with cinematic explorations of dystopia wherein humans were disposable cogs and love was often the costliest proposition of all. Below are ten […]

  • Top 10 Things Killed by the Internet

    Intrepid media-man Daedalus Howell laments the loss of his local video store and enumerates the Top 10 things killed by the Internet in the past decade from classified ads and travel agencies, to phone books and…