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  • Foie Gras Ban in California: Human Livers Still Legal

    If one is to believe the recent news cycle, Sonoma is obsessed with liver health – not our own but those of geese. Thanks to California’s looming state-wide froie gras ban, goose liver and Sonoma (home of the state’s sole producers) have been the plat du jour of national media. At issue is the ethical […]

  • Sonoma: How to Slum it Like a Tourist

    It’s been observed that our tourists seem to enjoy themselves in our town more than we Sonomans. This perception could be the result of many factors, not least of which being that tourists can afford to enjoy themselves in Sonoma’s wine country, whereas we Sonomans spend all of our money merely trying to live here. […]

  • Sonoma Inn (San Francisco Edition) literally bites

    Given my never-ending crusade to preserve Sonoma’s brand equity, imagine my surprise when I discovered poachers siphoning our identity from our own backyard. In San Francisco, at the corner of Bush and Van Ness, is a hotel named the Sonoma Inn. I initially assumed it was a residential hotel, by which I mean flophouse, of […]

  • Inside Sonoma, Episode 8

  • Protected: Inside Sonoma, Episode 7

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  • Sore in Windsor

    Towns called Windsor dot the states, as do a handful in England (in Berkshire, Cornwall and Lincolnshire) where I presume the name originated. The Windsor to which I live closest (besides the replica of Windsor Castle made of wine corks in my neighbor’s garage) is the town of Windsor, CA, which one drives passed on […]