On Turning 40: So, I’m 40-Years-Old today. Now what?

By the time you read this, it will have happened. Some collusion of time and fate will have already transpired, and now I am 40. I’ve had a birthday — likely the last I’ll bother to celebrate. There are many reasons why, among them the fact that I don’t feel any older. My interior monologue […]


Slouching Toward Quadragenaria: On Turning 40 (Eventually)

The countdown has begun. In 90 days, I will be 40-years-old. It’s like the last trimester before I’m reborn as “quadragenarian,” which reads more like a dietary choice than an age past 39 but before 50. In many ways, it is a dietary choice. At least according to my physician, who would prefer I answer […]