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  • Voyager-1 Leaves the Solar System, Cranks Tunes

    In 1977, the same year Elvis left the building (for good), Voyager-1 began its journey toward the outer reaches of the heliosphere. Flash-forward 36 years and the headline this week is that “Voyager-1 has left the solar system.” For good. Like, sayanora. Like, it’s not coming back. So forget those earrings you loaned it. Why […]

  • DNA Data Storage Breakthrough, Shakespeare Lives… Sort of

    Scientists at the European Bioinformatics Institute have created a DNA information storage and retrieval system — think “organic hard drive” — and tested it by uploading sonnets, sound clips and how-to’s. But not just any old bits from the Wikimedia Commons … The information stored on hundreds of thousands of strands of of DNA, according […]