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Take My Wifi, Please

Wifi Street

So, I’m on deadline penning a puff piece about the local choir’s Mozart program and Comcast, my ISP, took a shit on my block, which meant I had to trawl downtown Sonoma for free wifi to file my story via … Read on.

Media Critique

Light Painting with WiFi

Norway-based Timo Arnall, a designer working with interactive products and media, presents Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi, an exploration of the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces. Arnall and his team of collaborators create “light paintings” by revealing … Read on.


Check out the Wifi @ Sonoma’s Library

Free Wi-Fi is like finding a lucky penny to people like me, those of us inflicted with a constant, insatiable need to track datum, capture it and stow it in our change purses. A small dose of dopamine is released … Read on.