Tag: Woody Allen

  • Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Movie E-E-Ever

    Perhaps they’re secretly on the the National Stuttering Association’s payroll. Maybe they’re competing with this scintillating video from the British Stammering Association National Conference 2011. Or could it be that editors Ben Craw and Oliver Noble have a shared obsession for verbal disfluencies that found its apotheosis in their 44 minute supercut of “every Woody Allen […]

  • Sonoma Surveillance

    One advantage of living in the Age of Information is that even Joe Sonoma has access to the kind of spy-fi gadgetry that would have made early incarnations of James Bond feel woefully inadequate. Add to the fact that we live in an incredibly small town where one is as apt to spill as much […]

  • Joe Mantegna Says It’s So

    A critically-lauded and much beloved veteran of stage and screen, the devilishly dapper Joe Mantegna has worked with such luminaries as David Mamet, Woody Alley and Francis Ford Coppola. His film Elvis and Anadelle plays the 11th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival this April. DH: Last issue, I interviewed Olivia Newton-John and while I was […]