Word Games

Eight letter mythical mad genius.You know you’ve made it when you’re a crossword puzzle answer. Our pal Greg Hittelman, the director of marketing for the upcoming Sonoma Valley Film Festival, forwarded (with some glee) a crossword puzzle snipped from the Datebook of last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle. He directs us to “94 down,” which asks for a six-letter answer to “California site of an April film festival.” The answer, of course, is “Sonoma” and the festival in question, to Hittelman’s joy, is the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, which begins next month.
It leads me to ponder what my own crossword puzzle question would be. Surely something to the effect of “profligate writer fermenting in the wine country,” or “winged mythomaniacal scribe in a blazer,” or “scrivener of doom,” or “The Contessa’s curse.” More interestingly, what would your crossword puzzle question be? “Avid reader of profligate, mythomaniacal scrivener with penchant for striped ties?” One can only hope. Continue reading “Word Games”