Is Your Ergonomic Office Trying to Kill You?

Ergonomic Chairs are lethalWriting in cafes isn?t ?ergonomic,? a productivity blog tried to convince me with its H2 headline. ?Tell that to Hemingway and see if your blogging finger still works afterwards,? was my first thought.

Then I began thinking about my own blogging finger and the fact that my corporate headquarters is the corner cafe. Was I not being ergonomic? Was I damaging this fair bodkin? Though the litany of injuries listed read something like the old Boy Scout manuals and their admonishments against ?self-abuse? (oh, no, I?m ?slack-jawed and listless? again), I became concerned.

But first, what the hell does ?ergonomic? really mean? This much I know, ?ergo? is Latin for ?therefore,? as in ?Cogito ergo sum,? or ?I think therefore I am.? ?Nomic? is from the Greek ?nomos? meaning ?law.? Thusly, we have a half-blood portmanteau that essentially means the ?Law of Therefore,? or, to invoke contemporary vernacular, ?Because I say so.? Continue reading “Is Your Ergonomic Office Trying to Kill You?”