Video on the Radio, My Billboard Interview

BillboardI recently had a chat with Billboard editor Mike Stern about how radio peeps might inexpensively incorporate video into their bag of tricks. Yes, it may seem a tad counter-intuitive that radio stations need to make forays into a visual medium but since the web has become the unified field theory of all media, we apparently also need to see radio to believe it.
This happens to the best of them – remember This American Life‘s Ira Glass getting ready for his close-up on Showtime? The TV version of his show made it through two seasons – traditional radio stations, however, are typically on a daily grind so expect to see more live streams and a proliferation of YouTube channels filled with faces “made for radio.” Anyway, you can click-through to see my mug beaming back at you from the center of the page of Stern’s piece, aptly titled Video Actually Enhances The Radio Star (PDF).  More to the point, there are some good tips for those who wish to make some decent video on the cheap. And if your needs transcend iPhoneography, consider dropping the gang a line at FMRL. Otherwise, just remember there are no second takes on live radio but there are viral blooper videos.

Daedalus Howell in Billboard