Wings and Thighs

Lara Phillips in The AviaryAh, Thanksgiving. If your bird lacks a few Michelin stars, put your tray in the upright and locked position and proceed to The Aviary, pals Abe Levy and Silver Tree’s film about flight attendants, which I had the pleasure of co-producing last year. The flick, available on DVD, received a four-star review from Boho colleague David Templeton on today’s edition of Kudos to all! Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Read the bon mots here:

The Aviary Film Threat Review

Attention Bay Area readers!

The Aviary screens at 9:15 p.m., Tuesday, November 29 at the Parkway Theater, 1834 Park Blvd, Oakland. Tickets are $5.00. Pizza and beer available on premises. Click for more information.

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