Older than Jesus.The title of this post is my new age in Roman numerals: 34. Yes, today is my birthday and I’m shocked to discover that if I were to write my bio in Latin, my age looks like pornography and intravenous drug use rolled into one – make that 1 x 34.

Bio: Daedalus est a praeditus XXXIV annus vetus scriptor.

What am I complaining about? I should feel lucky to turn 34 – a lot of people don’t. For that matter, a lot of people do who shouldn’t. I just slipped by and I’m glad I did. This year, I’ll try to make you glad I did too.

The best way to make people glad you were born is to have your birthday turned into a national holiday, which federally mandates a day off. So, please, go and celebrate Daedalus Howell Day, enjoy a spin of the globe on me – you deserve it, especially those of you kind enough to have sent birthday greetings. Much thanks!


Convert your own age into Roman numerals courtesy of Nova Roma.

By Daedalus Howell

I explore the creative life as a storyteller, artist, and entrepreneur. I’m the writer-director of Pill Head and the forthcoming feature film Wolf Story. I’m also the author, most recently, of the novel Quantum Deadline, and am active in media (Bohemian, Pacific Sun). Click to subscribe to my Substack!

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