Older than Jesus.The title of this post is my new age in Roman numerals: 34. Yes, today is my birthday and I’m shocked to discover that if I were to write my bio in Latin, my age looks like pornography and intravenous drug use rolled into one – make that 1 x 34.

Bio: Daedalus est a praeditus XXXIV annus vetus scriptor.

What am I complaining about? I should feel lucky to turn 34 – a lot of people don’t. For that matter, a lot of people do who shouldn’t. I just slipped by and I’m glad I did. This year, I’ll try to make you glad I did too.

The best way to make people glad you were born is to have your birthday turned into a national holiday, which federally mandates a day off. So, please, go and celebrate Daedalus Howell Day, enjoy a spin of the globe on me – you deserve it, especially those of you kind enough to have sent birthday greetings. Much thanks!


Convert your own age into Roman numerals courtesy of Nova Roma.

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