Perhaps it started when I was a toddler and my mother would bring me to her university film classes. Maybe it was when that impossibly large star destroyer endlessly cruised overhead in a crowded cinema in 1977. It was definitely well-rooted by the time I was taking tickets at the Plaza Theatre as a teen. A five-year lost weekend trying to connect the cue dots in Hollywood made it both somehow near and far at the same time. However it happened, film and filmmaking have long been a passion, a pursuit, and a persona for me. Here’s how I’ve fared thus far…

Feature Film: Pill Head — Free for a Limited Time

After an overdose, art student Theda (Emily Ahrens in her feature debut) becomes an unwitting specimen in her university’s experimental psych program. There’s a side effect, however — she begins to see the branching possibilities of reality in an alternate universe. Moreover, an alternate self wards her off the program’s enigmatic researcher Dr. Ashe (Alia Beeton). Determined to escape, Theda’s salvation lays through the looking glass of quantum quandaries, a romance revisited, and the jagged little pill of her own nature. Original motion picture soundtrack by Shannon Ferguson of NYC’s Longwave. Produced by Karen Hess. Written and directed by Daedalus Howell.

You can purchase Pill Head on Amazon.

Music Videos

You see, kids, there used to be this thing called MTV. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Is there a documentary in the house? Yes, here’s a playlist of at least five.

Short Films Made Cheap

This is a collection of short film often made with collaborator Raymond Scott Daigle. Clearly we had a little too much fun.

R&H Educational Films

How-To and How-Not-To’s from when Father Knew Best (and he might of been Lenny Bruce). Cheeky irreverence served up 1950s-style, written and directed by Jerry Rapp and Daedalus Howell.


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