Le Temp

Anyone who’s done a modicum of living knows that one’s career trajectory is never how it was imagined when a child. I, for example, am not a veterinary pioneer or a superhero. I do not remove a thorn from a … Read on.


Thrice divorced, Dad is a collage of his various wives’ good intentions. His first wife, my mother, cultivated in him the ability to shrewdly market his talent as an artist, an investment that would eventually come to buoy her alimony … Read on.


I had prepared my answer. I had practiced it in the mirror between applications of lip gloss. I knew when she asked exactly how I would respond: “Yes, yes, damn it. End of story.” And it would be a lie.… Read on.

Building an Audience

Live studio audiences aren’t just living laugh tracks–they’re a vital aspect of the entertainment industry in and of themselves.

When television producers need real-life guffaws they turn to a handful of Los Angeles-based audience-wrangling firms to put butts in seats, … Read on.