So, You Woke Up in a Parallel Universe

Ever wake up in a parallel universe? Maybe it was that weird wine last night, or perhaps you slept with the wrong person, or a shady physics researcher used you as a guinea pig in a secret government experiment. The fact is, you’re here now, so whaddya going to do about it?

I have some ideas. Because the same bullshit happened to me. Welcome, friend, to your chance to do something different and extraordinary with your life.

How to Survive and Thrive in an Alternate Reality

Whether you call it a Parallel Universe, the Mandela Effect, or you’re a Goldilocks amongst The Berenstein Bears, you’re here now — and I’ll be your guide. You may tell yourself, “this is not my beautiful house” — well, it is now!” Once in a lifetime just became twice. And I create fiction and films that speak to the issues you’re now facing. Behold!

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