Blank Book

Like many creative people, I’m attracted to the possibilities and promise of a handsome new notebook. I’ll scribble a few pages of the next Great American Novel then abandon the notebook, leaving the pages containing little more than writerly shame. What’s worse, is I’ll repeat the process the next time I wander into the blank […]

Le Drama Clüb

An Immersive Narrative Experience by Kary Hess and Daedalus Howell It’s a story of love, loss, leather and so many clove cigarettes against a backdrop of Reaganomics,  the Berlin Wall, and the burgeoning AIDS epidemic. Into this tumult, Le Drama Clüb formed — or would’ve if it were real. Instead, its members, songs, images, and […]

The Marketer’s Guide to Joy

International experiential marketing juggernaut Group Delphi commissioned this whitepaper, The Marketer’s Guide to Joy, as part of their content marketing program. I researched and wrote this comprehensive guide, which, naturally, was a joy to produce.

Pill Head

The Press Democrat called it “Satirically off-the-wall” —  the Sonoma Valley Sun called it “Mindbending…” — And for a limited time, you can watch it here for free! Pill Head my cult, artsploitation feature debut as a writer-director is available to stream! In this campy, no-budget cult flick, an art student OD’s and wakes up in […]

Lost and Found Pages

When I lived in Los Angeles, I would frequently discover stray screenplay pages littering the streets. I saved them all and with my ArtsID co-host Gretchen Giles, am pleased to present a staged reading of these pages, complete with cast and soundtrack provided by the fine folks of KRCB 91 FM, Cotati, CA. Since I […]


Perhaps it started when I was a toddler and my mother would bring me to her university film classes. Maybe it was when that impossibly large star destroyer endlessly cruised overhead in a crowded cinema in 1977. It was definitely well-rooted by the time I was taking tickets at the Plaza Theatre as a teen. […]

Burning Down the Art House

A Podcast Mini-Series I kick off the second season of my blog and podcast venture Culture Dept. with a three-part mini-series, which explores how my interest art films was stoked by three parody short films I saw as a kid – Python’s French Subtitled Film, George Coe’s De Düva, and Tom Schiller’s La Dolce Gilda – […]

Interactive Fiction: Write or Drink

An Interactive Fiction Experiment. I built this game (really more of a brief experimental, interactive fiction of the choose-your-own-adventure variety) using Twine, which bills itself as an “open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” The interface was intuitive and the execution was quick. You can download the results, Write or Drink? at interactive game hosting platform […]

Hey, J00D

Dystopian sci-fi à la mode A couple of centuries into the future, polyphobic data-worker J00D accidentally awakens an ancient computer virus that threatens his dystopian world. He has to become the kind of hero he has only known in the illegal media he deals on the side. This screenplay explores the Lumaverse in an Orwellian dystopia […]


Super-Taster After discovering that years of shocking his tongue with nine-volt batteries doing quality assurance on the line has turned him into a “super-taster,” newly unemployed Johnny Lee sets out to put his taste buds to use in a sommelier competition. This is was a hoot to write. It satirizes the “wine country lifestyle,” gentrification […]

The Late Projectionist

The Lumaville Labyrinth, Prelude In this prequel to Quantum Deadline, our late-adolescent narrator, Chris F. (a.k.a. Kit Fergus), is a frustrated and slightly delusional would-be screenwriter coping with art, love, and life while searching for a leg up (or at least a crumbling foothold) on his foundering career. Is he condemned forever to a small-town existence […]

Meditation for Commuters

Meditation for Commuters “I am Clover, that is my vision name. My totem animal is the skink. This is my podcast for mindful driving, ‘Meditation for Commuters.’ Episode One: Traffic. Take a few minutes of bliss to teach yourself how meditate while driving. Note: Please KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. DO NOT ATTEMPT ON THE 405.”