Docs Is there a documentary in the house? Yes, here’s a playlist of at least five.

Short Films

Short Films Made Cheap This is a collection of short film often made with collaborator Raymond Scott Daigle. Clearly we had a little too much fun.

I Heart Sonoma

I Heart Sonoma How to Live & Drink in Wine Country Daedalus Howell Through a Wine Glass, Darkly When writer Daedalus Howell left a middling career in Hollywood and returned to his native Sonoma County, he expected to find the rural, rolling hills of his youth. Instead he found the bucolic landscape transformed into “Wine…

Quantum Deadline

Quantum Deadline Lumaville Labyrinth Part One By Daedalus Howell Release: 2015 | Trade Paperback & Ebook | Publisher: FMRL | Distributor: Ingram | ISBN-13:978-0-9671001-7-3 | LCCN: 2015908076 Infinite worlds. One Reporter. Zero time.  When his newsroom intern jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge, 40-something reporter Daedalus Howell’s reputation also takes a dive. Five years later, he’s still trying to…

Airport Bar

Daedalus Howell & Kary Hess | Multimedia Installation & Performance | 2017 ‘Airport Bar’ Conceptual Art Experience Flouted Trump’s Travel Ban with Drinks & Drollity “Airport Bar invites the public to ‘acknowledge what it means to be trapped in the bureaucratic purgatory of international travel in the only place where humanity still feels as one when…


Haunted Orthodontic Retainer

Inspired by The Significant Objects project and “Etsy witch” Malibu Ron, I attempt to create my own significant, if haunted, object via the power of story.

Stairwell Video

Daedalus Howell & Kary Hess | Multimedia Installation & Performance | 2016 Stairwell Video recreated an 80s-era, VHS-only video store and invited participants to “rent” a video for the night – but the video can never be returned (the video store vanished in the night, erased like magnetic media and the dreams of a generation).…

Lost Roomba

It’s fun to play on contemporary anxieties regarding artificial intelligence. Where better to start than with the concept of a lost Roomba? It must happen, right? This experiment was conceived with Kary Hess after half a bottle of wine as a means of professing my love for my Roomba. We used the Burner app for iPhone to…