The 5-in-1: Screenplay (PDF)


Insurance adjuster Mason Sharpe’s investigation into a missing client uncovers a world-threatening conspiracy that involves androids, butterflies, and a wildly popular video game – The Knights of Skeldaria (in its first incarnation here!). This is the wellspring from which elements and characters first originated and are later explored in Quantum Deadline (the game, the “Journo” character — bearing my diminutive “Dade”) and Pill Head (wherefrom the “chivalrous Knight of Skeldaria and one multiverse iteration of the titular lead “Theda”).


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From The Black List:

“…Has a fun and unique tone that leads to memorable laughs. Many of the script’s recurring gags are hilarious… Dade is a funny take on the conspiracy nut who accidentally discovers the truth, and he is a consistent source of good comedy…Delivers some stellar lines. …An excellent job of making an absurd world feel real, plausible, and deep. When a script can invent and maintain believable cultural references it’s a testament to the strength of the world creation.”

Daedalus Howell | Unproduced | Script | Publisher: FMRL | Distributor: DHS