The Late Projectionist (Paperback)


In this prequel to Quantum Deadline, our late-adolescent narrator, Chris F. (a.k.a. Kit Fergus), is a frustrated and slightly delusional would-be screenwriter coping with art, love, and life while searching for a leg up (or at least a crumbling foothold) on his foundering career. Is he condemned forever to a small-town existence and his career as a beleaguered movie theater projectionist? Or will he reach the escape velocity attained by his former girlfriend, now a world-class concert cellist? Meanwhile, he’s hearing voices – are they the interior chatter of a muddled mind, or the thoughts of others to whom he’s become psychically attuned thanks to radioactive coffee?

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A Prelude to The Lumaverse

Daedalus Howell | Re-Release: 2016 | 2nd Edition | Trade Paperback & Ebook | Publisher: FMRL | Distributor: Ingram | ISBN-13:978-0967100104


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