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When his newsroom intern jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge, 40-something reporter Daedalus Howell’s reputation also takes a dive. Five years later, he’s still trying to clear his conscience and his byline when Jude, a lost 11-year-old thief, seeks his help to get home — to a parallel universe.

The reporter soon learns that anything is possible on the strange streets of Lumaville, a sleepy Northern California college town in the grips of a startup boom. As hard-drinking Howell grumbles about the waning relevance of his profession and generation, he uncovers a maze of dark truths that connect the boy, his brilliant ex-flame and a ruthless tech mogul. When Jude disappears, Howell’s assignment is clear – save the boy, write the story of a lifetime, and make his deadline without getting killed.

“…a noirish, sci-fi-lite detective story with a heap of self-parody that’s by turns poignant, witty and comic…” — North Bay Bohemian

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A rousing kickoff to the Lumaville Labyrinth series, Quantum Deadline  is an entertaining, neo noir book of suspense and self-satire as the tantalizing prospect of redemption hangs in the balance. It’s the cornerstone of Daedalus Howell’s growing Lumaverse storyworld. This is a downloadable PDF.

A Neo Noir Book Like No Other

“Quantum Deadline is very topical, very now, very local and very funny. Put all those elements together and you have a timely work of fiction that speaks to us here and now, to our concerns with time and space and technology and love and the future.” Jonah RaskinAmerican Scream

Daedalus Howell | Release: 2015 | Trade Paperback & Ebook | Publisher: FMRL | Distributor: Ingram | LCCN: 2015908076