Super-Taster: Screenplay (PDF)


After discovering that years of shocking his tongue with nine-volt batteries doing quality assurance on the line has turned him into a “super-taster,” newly unemployed Johnny Lee sets out to put his taste buds to use in a sommelier competition.

This is the original, unproduced screenplay in traditional script format. Includes 14 original character concepts by illustrator Nathan Heigert for a prospective animated and/or graphic novel adaptation.

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This is was a hoot to write. It satirizes the “wine country lifestyle,” gentrification and class. I set the narrative in Lumaville and drew on my experience as a wine writer and even cameo as your favorite narrator (see the character concept drawing below, far right). Throughout, other characters from the Lumaverse appear like “Gil” who appears in Still in the Dome at FMRL and whose Roomba recently went rogue. This is also where the cheap wine brand, Audacious Red, first appears (and disappears by the gallon in Quantum Deadline.)

Original cast conceptual art by Nathan Heigert.

From The Black List:

“…Unabashedly offbeat sense of absurdism makes for a fun, compelling screenplay. The entire notion of Johnny’s occupation as a battery tester (as visceral a job as one can imagine) is phenomenally weird, and the backdrop of Sonoma wine country/culture is an extremely strong narrative device. The script both lovingly lampoons and satirically condemns its sommelier subject matter with a host of striking gags (a personal standout being the idea that even winos are aficionados in Sonoma), and one-off bits like Johnny belting Nickelback are equally promising. Charlie is a fine mentor archetype and the mythology of the wine cave is great, and one would be hard-pressed to find a more original and unique take on the “competition movie” subgenre/formula. …Demonstrates a refreshingly specific, unusual authorial sensibility…”

Daedalus Howell | Unproduced | Script | Publisher: FMRL | Distributor: DHS